Bar Halevy

Hello! My name is Bar and while I was born in Israel, I spent most of my life living in Spain. After dedicating my youth to professional sailing, I have developed an interest (which later turned to passion) in the mechanics and functioning of the human body, both as an athlete, and at a personal level. After years of exploring, I have found my rightful place at chiropractic school, pursuing a degree which allows me to combine my passion to understand the human body together with my innate desire to help people. As a chiropractor, I help my patients through a variety of approaches tailored to their needs. The techniques I employ include Applied Kinesiology, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Gonstead, Diversified and Thompson.

As a person, I am deeply convinced that health is a gift that individuals are endowed with at birth and that it is each person’s responsibility to cherish that gift. I also believe that no one should ever see their health endangered or harmed by being lied to or fooled. That is the reason why I attach so much importance to providing information to anyone eager to regain power over their body and reclaim their health. Despite the off-putting flood of information on the Internet and other media, the pharmaceutical strategies driven by consumerism and the political misuses of health considerations, we can still think by ourselves and follow a proactive approach to health. 

As a practitioner, I do not conceive healthcare differently from individualized care. I do not trust neither systematism nor generalisations for the simple reason that what defines us is our particularism and our differences. Even twins, sharing the same DNA will develop completely differently over their lifetime. So I strive to welcome every patient and their specificities with the sole aim of offering them the best “tailor-made” care possible. Through therapeutic bonds, I want to help my patients develop their own insight into their body and health, and my ultimate objective is for them to feel empowered and free to be healthy again, by making informed choices. 

My vision of healthcare finally underlies how I treat people. My approach is holistic and I use non-invasive manual therapies to assess, treat and monitor progress. Besides, I expect my patients to work with me, in a conscious manner, so that together we can identify health disruptors, overcome them and enable the body to express its full potential.