The first visit

Before the first visit I always recommend people to improve their lifestyle as much as possible according to common knowledge. It is very important to get the right amount of macronutrients and micronutrients your body needs for growth and repair, try your best to avoid toxins (air, water, food), make sure you get some exercise and work on your sedentary life habits, engage in social life, get enough sleep, do some breathwork and attempt to lower unnecessary emotional stress. This self work can really kick-start our journey together as we will be able to focus on personalized advice for you and your body, rather than spending time on general health and lifestyle advice. For more details you can scout around my blog and collect general information.

On the day of the first visit you will be asked to arrive at the clinic slightly earlier in order to fill in the history form and other questionnaires (if you haven’t done so online already) that will serve as subjective tools to measure improvement throughout care. You will also be asked to bring with you any current medication and supplement, as well as any medical analytics and reports from any past or current caregiver (blood test results, imaging, etc.). 

During the visit, we will go over your history form together, fill in the gaps, and elaborate on some of what you will have written. It will be our starting point and help us identify our focus. After going over the history form, we will engage in a physical examination to assess any limitations, aches or abnormalities. Such observations enable me to define and confirm dysfunctions, and secondly to follow up on any objective physical improvement accomplished during care. Upon completing the physical examination we will discuss our findings: what the problems are, what they may have originated from, and the most adequate type of care for you. Based on the care plan we will have chosen together for you, we will discuss its exact modalities, in terms of duration and frequency, and I will introduce you to what you should expect from your first care session. Towards the end of the first visit I will explain and demonstrate to you how Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) works, and you will also receive your first chiropractic adjustment, which is an integral part of  each of the three types of care.